Rikky hasan

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO Rikky Hasan was a Managing Director and a Chief Investment Officer at MAN Group (the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund) which managed assets in excess of $80 billion. He believes that cryptocurrency will be the key to future financial markets and that CoinLock is the solution to making that happen. He has stated “Through exhaustive market analysis, CoinLock identified and alleviates three primary pain points for cryptocurrency consumers: lack of utility, volatility, and crippling fees.”

Rikky also co-founded MTM in 2003 where he is responsible for the strategic direction of the business. He has considerable experience in corporate finance and private equity particularly in emerging markets. Prior to founding MTM, Rikky worked for Citicorp Investment Bank where he specialised in risk management and strategy and advised major multinationals on corporate finance and restructuring. He has authored and been technical advisor on a number of publications on corporate finance and risk management and was a visiting lecturer at Durham University Business School.

ali jassim

Co-Founder and Director

Ali Jassim is a Co-Founder and Director of CoinLock. Ali is a globally renowned investor and has played a key role in some major landmark financial transactions. He is also an investor in some of the most successful global technology companies. Ali is the owner and principal of the international consulting company Goldbrook Advisory that advises on investments in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. In his capacity as principal of Goldbrook Advisory, Ali has advised on noteworthy global transactions in real estate, tech, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, power and infrastructure to name only a few. Many people might be familiar with Ali’s instrumental role in the multi-billion dollar capital infusion into a global financial institution during the 2008 financial crisis.

Ali is also a limited partner in Integral Communities, a diversified real estate company. Integral Communities has acquired properties with a total estimated exit value of over $1 billion since its formation.

Ali is a passionate philanthropist around the world. He has made substantial charitable contributions to UCLA and other organizations in California. He currently serves as a board member of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and is committed to contributing back to society. Through his charitable giving to UCLA, he has established the Ali Jassim Family Cancer Research Progam and the Ali Jassim Family Cancer Research Suite at UCLA. Ali holds a B.S. Degree in Economics.

brent russell

Chief Technology Officer

Brent is a technology enthusiast and angel investor in the marketing, telecommunications and cryptocurrency industries. He has over 15 years experience in information technology and is an expert software engineer with heavy experience programming in a Linux system environment. He is also a systems and network administrator with database administration experience. He founded Voz Technologies LLC, a fully automated affiliate marketing system and was the CTO and Co-Founder of Bleam Ventures, a VOIP calling platform until it’s acquisition 2012.

robert holland

Chief Operations Officer

Robert is an international businessman with experience in financial services. He was a chief strategist for debt workouts in the US and Europe. With over 100 real estate projects in gateway cities, Robert has extensive knowledge of finance, structure and government policies that impact finance globally. In late 1984, He acquired the license and trademark of the name “Avis” from Warren Avis, founder of Avis Rent-a-Car, for financial services. Avis Financial Services developed as a currency exchange that was sold to Choice Money Transfer then, later, merged with Small World to become the seventh largest remittance business in North and South Americas, Europe and Africa.

Mike mcdonald

Director of Marketing

Mike has over 24 years of experience in financial trading, wealth management and sales. Before CoinLock, Mike was Senior Financial Advisor at Aegis Capital Corp where he lead the investment strategy for high profile clients. He has also managed both Nasdaq and NYSE member firms throughout his career. He has advised over 300 clients around the globe with investable assets ranging from $250k to $20 million.

Julian levitt

Chief Compliance Officer

Julian began his career as a small business manager and segued his knack for technology and business into a successful sales tenure at Apple, Inc., before making the transition into Commercial Law. He obtained his J.D. from Georgetown Law, briefly practicing Communications Law at the federal level in Washington, D.C. before making the transition to private practice in Florida. Julian joined Coinlock LLC as in-house counsel before proving his worth and eventually becoming its Chief Compliance Officer. He has worked and developed Coinlock’s infrastructure since its inception, advising on all business and legal matters related to the project.